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Title Published Date
La UGR ha acogido la reunión del proyecto europeo NABIHEAL, sobre generación de biomateriales para la cicatrización de heridas complejas 12 February 2024
¿Hidrogeles sintéticos para mejorar la inmunoterapia contra el cáncer? 12 February 2024
New artificial snowmaking technology could offer a lifeline to struggling ski resorts (CNN, 22-Jan-2024) 29 January 2024
La Universidad de Cantabria incorpora al investigador Leonardo Scarabelli, que ha obtenido una Starting Grant del Consejo Europeo de Investigación 19 January 2024
The students of the José Echegaray School interview the Chemistry Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart 19 June 2023
"Dona Ciència. Dona Tecnologia" new campaign on women in science and technology 15 March 2023
YouMaker, així és com fan ciència a l’ICMAB 22 December 2022
Great success in the EuroBoron9 2022 conference organized by ICMAB researchers 13 July 2022
The Journal Citation Reports 2022 is here #JCR2022 07 July 2022
ICMAB was part of the first experiment at ALBA Synchrotron, 10 years ago! 06 July 2022
About bipolar electrochemistry, induced dipoles and cell resistance 05 July 2022
Welcome Bocquin Clément at ICMAB! 24 May 2022
What do we know about electric vehicles in flames? 11 May 2022
ICMAB endorses the statements that condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine 21 March 2022
Un equipo de investigadores diseña un prototipo de batería que usa calcio en lugar de litio 21 February 2022
A wall to stop bacterial wilt in tomato plants 14 February 2022
New ERC-PoC Project will provide a sustainable alternative to microplastics as whitening agents 07 February 2022
Stable nanovesicles for the delivery of microRNA in cancer treatment in #WorldCancerDay 04 February 2022
New batteries could share a unique bond with milk and kitchen foil 25 January 2022
The GENESIS project highligted at the Agencia Estatal de Investigación website 17 January 2022
New fluorescent nanovesicles for intracellular biomarker detection 14 January 2022
New cancer radiotherapy and diagnosis mechanisms explained in "The Conversation" 15 December 2021
The Implications of Using Light to Control Molecular Motion by David Amabilino 14 December 2021
Guinness World Record for the highest voltage with a lemon-battery 22 November 2021
Open position: Research Engineer in plasmonic supercrystals at ICMAB 16 November 2021
The TECNIO Research Association is born, chaired by Nora Ventosa 10 November 2021
"YouMaker: this is how we make science" is presented at the VI Annual Nanodivulgation Meeting 09 November 2021
CSIC publishes its Annual Report for 2020 17 September 2021
Magnetocapacitance effect and magnetoelectric coupling in type-II multiferroic HoFeWO 6 10 September 2021
Protones para atacar el cáncer y nanomateriales para mejorar el diagnóstico 07 September 2021
The Journal of Materials Chemistry C publishes a themed issue in honor of Jaume Veciana and Concepció Rovira 30 August 2021
Updated h-index ranking for researchers working in Spain 16 August 2021
New at NANBIOSIS: Cutting-edge biomedical solutions 10 August 2021
Thickness effect on ferroelectric properties of La-doped HfO2 epitaxial films down to 4.5 nm 10 August 2021
A Trapezoidal Octacyanoquinoid Acceptor Forms Solution and Surface Products by Antiparallel Shape Fitting with Conformational Dipole Momentum Switch 06 August 2021
Simulated microgravity system to synthesize high-quality 2D crystalline materials 29 July 2021
The Energy for Society Network (XRE4S) includes three ICMAB technologies in its portfolio  14 July 2021
ICMAB cancer research at the new issue of the "CSIC Investiga" magazine 06 July 2021
Thermal waves observed in semiconductor materials 30 June 2021
Critical Effect of Bottom Electrode on Ferroelectricity of Epitaxial Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Thin Films 26 March 2021
"A PhD is much more than scientific knowledge" 24 March 2021
ICMAB Researcher Núria Crivillers joins the Young Academy of Europe 18 March 2021
"Materials in your classroom" visits the Institut Escola Arts in Barcelona 15 March 2021
A new mentoring programme for PhD fellows kicks in at ICMAB! 08 February 2021
“Madame Châtelet” lecture will open the Alumni UB conference cycle on women of science on 3 Feb 2021 01 February 2021
ICMAB’s top countries with whom we have collaborated in 2020 - A year in review 04 January 2021
The 15 most cited ICMAB articles of 2020 - A year in review 29 December 2020
ICMAB is the 10th Catalan Institution with more ERC Grants 17 December 2020
Aireamos platform to stop aerosol transmission of Covid-19 11 December 2020
Save Excellent Science: Rescue Horizon Europe's Budget 09 December 2020
Molecular simulations to understand coronavirus 27 November 2020
The OPTOFEM 2020 school counted with 85 participants from around the world 09 November 2020
Judith Guasch interviewed in Agencia SINC for the 3D hydrogels used in cancer immunotherapy 09 November 2020
Xabier Rodríguez will defend his PhD Thesis on 19 October 2020 at 10 am! 30 September 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Lei Gan! New ICMAB graduate! 29 September 2020
Judith Guasch talks about T cell growth-inducing 3D hydrogels on RNE 14 September 2020
3rd Edition of the MATERPLAT Young Innovators in Materials Awards 14 September 2020
Yajie Zhang will defend his PhD Thesis on 15 September at 11 am! 01 September 2020
Meet Ignasi Fina, interviewed at Materials Horizons Emerging Investigator Series 27 August 2020
CSIC Interview with Mariano Campoy-Quiles: “Desarrollamos generadores termoeléctricos para la agricultura de precisión” 26 August 2020
The Nature Index 2020 places the ICMAB in the top positions among the CSIC centers 16 July 2020
Xavier Ferràs: "In a post COVID-19 world, we need to rethink how we organize science" 15 July 2020
The rechargeable zinc-air batteries project featured in R+D CSIC 07 July 2020
15th Edition of Spanish Researchers Ranking features ICMAB researchers 05 June 2020
"Tuning COPs" MSCA IF project featured in CORDIS "Results in Brief" 26 May 2020
Superconductor Week talks with Teresa Puig about new improved growth process for YBCO epitaxial films 18 May 2020
Xavier Obradors talks about the new era for materials in "Innovadores" 12 May 2020
"Key breakthrough in search for gasoline replacement" by Pepe Giner et al. hit the American TV 08 May 2020
Catalan Toledo, Jose Ignacio [EU-Marie Curie Student] 04 May 2020
Zhang, Xiaodong [International Fellowship PhD Student] 04 May 2020
Luque Corredera, Carlos [Associated Researcher ] 04 May 2020
"Fluorescent efficiency of three m-carborane-anthracene derivatives" featured in UAB Divulga 29 April 2020
Designed a new family of molecules with high affinity to join altered receptors in neurodegenerative diseases 28 April 2020
Biologically active bacterial nanocellulose ocular bandages for corneal regeneration featured in R+D CSIC 22 April 2020
Barcelona equips itself with a European first-class collaborative microscopy platform through the joint action of nine research institutions and the support of ERDF 09 April 2020
PhD Thesis Defense by Eduardo Pérez on 2 April 2020 at 11 am 06 March 2020
Productivity and impact of ICMAB researchers according to the Webcindario h-index ranking 27 January 2020
A year in review: ICMAB Top 10 Journals of 2019 31 December 2019
A year in review: ICMAB most cited articles of 2019 30 December 2019
Press Release: Carbon nanocapsules for radiotherapy against cancer 18 December 2019
An article about "Ferroelectric Epitaxial Thin Films" highlighted in ACS "Focus on Europe" 17 December 2019
"Building a biodegradable rainbow" one of the ICMAB-CSIC highlights in Nature Index 16 December 2019
Press Release: A multidisciplinary research team develop biotransistors able to hear small beats of live 10 December 2019
Press Release: The role of manganese in providing high power capacity in lithium-ion batteries 05 December 2019
Press Release: First identification of a brown aerinite, the typically known blue pigment of the Romanesque Catalan art 02 December 2019
Published a review on "Achievements, Challenges, and Prospects of Calcium Batteries" in Chemical Reviews 15 November 2019
Press Release: Towards an all-electrical control of heat flux for zero-power “electronics” 13 November 2019
Amanda Muñoz and Pamela Machado participate in the CSIC #YoInvestigo video contest 13 November 2019
Electric Fields against mosquitos: a research collaboration between the ICMAB, ISGlobal and Biogents in the CSIC Newsletter 08 November 2019
Published a review on Atomic Layer Deposition of complex oxides! 07 November 2019
The new method to measure piezoelectricity featured in R+D CSIC 07 November 2019
"Graphene Oxide Aerogels" featured at R+D CSIC 06 November 2019
A work by Marta Mas-Torrent and co-workers highlighted in Advanced Science News 05 November 2019
An article from Jaume Veciana and Paula Mayorga highlighted in Chemistry Views 04 November 2019
We present the ICMAB Annual Report 2018! Enjoy the reading! 29 October 2019
The ICMAB website continues to be the most visible of the CSIC! 01 October 2019
"Energy materials for a low carbon future": a philosophical discussion of the Royal Society with ICMAB researchers 21 September 2019
Press Release: Superconductors instead of copper for the future circular collider (FCC) at CERN 31 July 2019
Press Release: Researchers from the Nanomol Group initiate contacts with the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) to bring a new treatment against venous leg ulcers to clinical practice within the Nanonafres Project 26 July 2019
The ICMAB receives one ERC Proof of Concept Grant for enabling high-temperature superconducting technologies 25 July 2019
X-rays find key insights in metal-oxide thin film interfaces 19 July 2019
Press Release: Lead halide perovskites are not ferroelectric: further research is needed to discover why they are so good for solar cells 15 July 2019
"Thin-sections, the past serving the future": two articles from Jordi Rius featured in UABDivulga 12 July 2019
The challenges of the electric car, debated in a conference in Madrid with M. Rosa Palacín 11 July 2019
The Nature Index 2019 is out 26 June 2019
Press Release: Tailored made materials solely by changing the arrangement of the atoms 26 June 2019
Press Release: A general quantum-mechanical method to address spatial dispersion effects: flexoelectricity and dynamical quadrupoles 13 June 2019
Press Release: A general quantum-mechanical method to address spatial dispersion effects: flexoelectricity and dynamical quadrupoles 13 June 2019
10th International Symposium on Nitrides (ISNT2019) 09 June 2019
The RSEQ publishes an article about Boron written by Clara Viñas to celebrate the IYPT 2019 25 April 2019
The new edition of the photo and video contest FOTICMAB 2019 is now open! 15 April 2019
Press Release: Perovskite solar cells: The interface makes the difference 12 April 2019
What does the future hold for chemistry? 30 March 2019
The CSIC signs the Open Acess institutional mandate 29 March 2019
Gender Equality in Research Centers at the ICMAB “¿Y a mí, qué me aporta la igualdad?” 14 March 2019
M. Rosa Palacín in "Motorpasión" talking about the electric vehicle and the future of batteries 12 March 2019
Antibacterial biopolymer patches to protect and heal plant wounds: joint publication between ICMAB and CRAG 05 March 2019
M. Rosa Palacín interviewed in the RECERCAT newsletter (Feb 2019) 28 February 2019
Urea substitutes noble metal catalysts for the photodegradation of organic pollutants 22 February 2019
Anna Laromaine is "a researcher in your classroom" in Santa Maria de Palautordera 06 February 2019
A paper that converts waste heat into electricity produced at ICMAB 30 January 2019
Miquel Torras receives the Extraordinary Award for his Master at the University of Barcelona (UB) 29 January 2019
Anna Laromaine in People First: “Tener mentores y referentes es importantísimo para elegir una profesión” 23 January 2019
The ICMAB in the Top 10 of the ERC research grants in Catalunya 21 January 2019
Alexandre Ponrouch awarded with the International Battery Association (IBA) Early Career Award 15 January 2019
"Escletxes per incloure la dona en la ciència": Madame Châtelet in "Núvol" 07 January 2019
The ICMAB most cited article of all time has more than 7400 citations! 27 December 2018
A year in review: ICMAB most cited articles of 2018 18 December 2018
A year in review: ICMAB Top 10 Journals of 2018 17 December 2018
Nora Ventosa designated new numerary member of the IEC 27 November 2018
The ICMAB is the first center in the CSIC in terms of research outputs per capita, according to Nature Index 22 November 2018
NANBIOSIS renews its accreditation as ICTS 19 November 2018
Finding a needle in the haystack: 50 times faster evaluation of organic materials for solar cells 30 October 2018
ICMAB researchers collaborate in a study published in Nature Physics about a "Giant topological Hall Effect" 18 October 2018
Crystalline, Phononic, and Electronic Properties of Heterostructured Polytypic Ge Nanowires by Raman Spectroscopy 05 October 2018
"Stimuli-responsive materials that switch from nano-porous 3D structures to new non-porous 2D structures and vice versa using spherical ligands" featured in UABdivulga 11 June 2018
ICMAB researchers develop flexible materials that switch from nano-porous 3D to 2D structures in a reversible way 30 May 2018
"Carbon-Gold bonds for robust molecule-electrode junctions" featured in UABDivulga 16 May 2018
2018 call for Severo Ochoa Internship Fellowships at ICMAB for Master Students 10 May 2018
MIT-Spain grant for ICMAB project: new materials for photovoltaics 19 April 2018
Plant Healing: Biopolymer to heal plant wounds: a collaboration between ICMAB and CRAG 23 February 2018
A year in review: Top 10 articles with the highest impact factor published by ICMAB researchers 02 January 2018
ICMAB within the Top 10 Institutions in Barcelona according to Nature Index 2017 Science Cities 15 December 2017
The best moments of the L'Oréal For Women in Science Research Awards ceremony in VIDEO 02 December 2017
Research Award L'Oréal-Unesco FWIS 2017 for Mariona Coll and her project on new materials for photovoltaics 24 November 2017
New dimension in nanoparticle research | EU Research article 28 September 2017
Control of Polymorphism and Morphology in Solution Sheared Organic Field-Effect Transistors 19 June 2017
Mariano Campoy co-organizes the workshop on Thin Film Emerging Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Technologies (EMTECH) in Barcelona 20 April 2017
Predoctoral FPU contracts Call 23 January 2017
Reportaje sobre Anna Laromaine en MUY INTERESANTE 13 December 2016
Programa Argó 2015 10 July 2015
Dr. Mariano Campoy-Quiles wins an ERC Consolidator Grant to develop innovative organic materials for the energy sector 26 January 2015
Programa Argó 11 July 2013
La Prof Concepció Rovira ha estat nomenada com una de les IUPAC 2013 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering 28 May 2013
El ICMAB participa en CONSTRUMAT 30 April 2009