Thermal Analysis Laboratory


The Thermal Analysis Service of ICMAB includes two equipments, a simultaneous thermogravimetric analysis (TG)- differential scanning calorimetry/differential thermal analysis (heat flow DSC /DTA) system NETZSCH -STA 449 F1 Jupiter, and a differential scanning calorimeter (power compensation DSC) Perkin Elmer DSC8500 LAB SYS (N5340501) equipped with a Liquid N2 controller CRYOFILL (N534004)



The simultaneous TGA-DSC/DTA analyzer allows the measurement of weight and DSC (heat flow)/DTA (differential thermal analysis) signals as a function of temperature and time. It is used for monitoring chemical reactions, thermal stabilities, solvent evaporation and reduction and oxidation of materials under different gases among other studies. The sensitivity of the balance is 0.07 micrograms. The furnace can operate from room temperature to 1400oC. The analyzer may work in several atmospheres such as oxygen, air, argon and hydrogen (diluted at 5% in Ar), at ambient pressure and with using typical flow rates of 70 cm3/min.


The differential scanning calorimeter Perkin Elmer (power compensation) measures the energy absorbed and released when a sample is heated, frozen, or kept at constant temperature. Experiments can be made in the range of temperatures between 110 and 950 K. DSC is very useful to determine fusion or decomposition temperatures, phase transitions in crystals and amorphous solids, identification of polymorphs and also permits the identification of the molecular conformations as for example single polymer chain folding among others. With this equipment, very small amount of sample is needed (1-2 mg ) to have reliable results.


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To request this service, please fill the application form in the link left and leave it together with the sample in the closet located at in the ground floor. For further information please contact the service technician Roberta Ceravola This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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