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Ferroelectric oxide films for energy and memory devices (FOXEM)

Ferroelectric oxide films for energy and memory devices group (FOXEM) aims to develop high quality new ferroelectric materials compatible with industry to study their properties from a fundamental to a device level. Electronics Industry is facing several bottlenecks to sustain the increasing demand and necessity of new data storage, computation and communication devices. New materials are needed and CMOS-compatible ferroelectrics based in HfO2 are in the spotlight. We investigate epitaxial oxide thin films of these oxides as model systems to understand and improve the ferroelectric properties. Our activities involve growth, structural studies, advanced characterization of electrical properties and prototyping of conventional and emerging memory devices.

Research Lines

Development of HfO2 based ferroelectrics oxides

Integration of oxides on silicon

Ferroelectricity in ultrathin films

Epitaxial films for ferroelectric properties understanding

Understanding and enhancement of ferroelectric reliability

Ferroelectric devices for energy efficient ultrafast computing