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ZGZ, 15-19 JUL 2019: XXXVII Reunión Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Física

The biennial of Physics will visit the capital of the river Ebre for the first time since 1950. For the organizers, who represent most of the departments and research centers of the University of Zaragoza and the CSIC with activity in physics, it is at the same time a exciting event and a responsibility.

16 January 2019

The biennial will continue to present the best of research, technology transfer, dissemination and teaching of physics, and the special one specialized in supporting young researchers and women. We keep the awards of the contributions of doctoral students (2) and postdoctoral researchers (2) and includes another award for the best video-summary, through which you can encourage and recognize the effort for science with an easy and accessible language. We hope to see you all in Zaragoza.

Three GEFES symposium will be organized on the afternoons of the biennial, one of them, co-organized by Teresa Puig,  and another one by Esther Barrena, from ICMAB-CSIC. 

A. Superconducting Materials. Organized by Leni Bascones (ICMM-CSIC) and Teresa Puig (ICMAB-CSIC). 
B. Applied Photonics. Organized by Elena Pinilla and Maribel Gómez (NTC-UPV)
C. Surface Molecular Materials. Organized by Esther Barrena (ICMAB-CSIC), Rubén Pérez (UAM) and Nacho Pascual (CIC nanoGUNE).

Carmen Ocal also participates in the organization of a symposium focused on the role of women in physics:

Pascuala García Martínez, Universitat de València;  Pilar López Sancho, ICMM-CSIC; Ana Xesús López Díaz, Universidade A Coruña; 
Máriam Tórtola Baxauli, Instituto Física Corpuscular (IFIC)-UV; Carmen Carreras Béjas, UNED; Leonor Chico Gómez, ICMM-CSIC; Carmen Ocal García, ICMAB-CSIC.

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