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The nano-ingredients of the "Superflavored 2D material" winning cake

The "Bake your best cake" contest of our ICMAB party counted with 11 participants and 12 cakes or desserts (one participant baked 2). A jury formed by 6 experts in the field valued the originality, the aspect and the flavor of each one of them. The contest took place at 11 am in the morning, and caused a huge expectation among the ICMAB members, as you can see in the picture.

The winning cake was the "Superflavored 2D material" cake, from Marta Vendrell. This cake had some very special ingredients... Take a look at them:

May 22, 2018

"Superflavored 2D material" winning cake nano-ingredients:

winning cake ingredients

  • Lime & lemon nanoparticles
  • White chocolate thin films
  • Superconducting sugar
  • Flour powder
  • Microstructured eggs
  • Nanofluid cheese
  • Composite butter
  • Graphene mint leaves
  • Raspberry crystals

All the ingredients have something related with our research at ICMAB: nanoparticles, thin films, superconducting materials, X-ray powder diffraction, microstructured nanomaterials, ferrofluids, nanocomposites, graphene or nanocrystals. We congratulate Marta for her great imagination! 


The jury did not have it easy. Every single cake was amazing. There were two cheesecakes (one strawberry and one berries), a pumpkin pie, a lemon tiramisú, a traditional tiramisú, a carrot cake, an apple pie, a lemon pie, a chocolate cake, banana-chocolate chips muffins and a peanut butter-oreo cheesecake...

The members of the jury were: Tommaso Salzillo, Pietat Sierra, Eduardo Pérez, Pengmei Yu, Pedro Barrusco and Roberta Ceravola. The final classification was:

  1. Marta Vendrell, for her "Superflavored 2D material" cake, a lime&lemon and white chocolate cake, with raspberries on top. Very nice and very tasty!
  2. Max Sieger, for his "Piggy Mud Bath Cake", a Kit Kat chocolate cake, very original and with lots of chocolate! 
  3. Draw between Juri Banchewski and his amazing "Carrot cake", with lots of wallnuts, mascarpone and brown sugar, and Begoña Buades and her "Berries cheesecake", with the gorgeous biscuit base and the wonderful texture. 

Congratulations to you all!

A very special thanks to Neus Romà, who organized the contest in the best possible way! 

pastissos icmab

Figure: great expectation for the cake contest.
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 Figures: 12 cakes/desserts presented in the contest, and their ingredients. 

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