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The ICMAB is now a member of the innovation cluster SECPHO

The ICMAB is now a member of SECPHO, a national technological innovation cluster formed by companies, technology centres and research centres. SECPHO is focused on promoting technological unnovation through the application of photonic technologies, or technologies based on light, to all types of sectors of our economy.

11 May 2020

SECPHO’s main objectives are:

  • To generate business opportunities for companies
  • To provide technology centres and research groups with access to projects
  • To foster innovation in the field of photonic and optic technologies.

Being a member of SECPHO will give us:

  • Visibility to our light technologies, inside the cluster, nationally and internationally
  • Access to the technological challenges that are sent to SECPHO
  • Funding for projects with other members of the cluster.

Read here our welcome message at SECPHO, and here our member page.


SECPHO members

SECPHO members are R&D, technology transfer and innovation centers, SMEs, universities and big enterprises. They cover all the value chain and work in different industrial sectors. 


Below are two charts where we define SECPhO members by their technological capabilities andapproach to customer markets.

Technologies and capabilities


Customer markets and industries


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