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The ICMAB celebrates its 33rd anniversary with a morning full of activities for all the staff

Every spring, the ICMAB celebrates its Anniversary. This year, we celebrated it on Friday, 14 June 2019. A morning full of different activites was organised by our staff: a foot orienteering race organised by Ferran Macià, Poker, chess, and Party & Co. tournements, a swing class by Swing UAB, a sketching workshop by Alejandro Santos, a cakes and a world cooking contest, and the traditional tennis table tournement. See some of the photos in this post!

Jun 14, 2019

Click on the photo to see the photos in Google Photos Album:

The ICMAB choir, which has more participants than ever, sang their new songs from Game of Thrones and Queen. The winners of the FOTICMAB 2019 contest were revealed, and there were also prizes for the winners of the different competitions. 

Thank you all for your collaboration and participation! 

Photos by Bernat Bozzo and Anna May. Thank you!

Winners of the activities:

  • Chess: Luis Alberto Pérez
  • Party & Co: the team of Albert Revuelta, Ángel Campos and Marc Martínez
  • Poker: Amable Bernabé
  • Ping-Pong: Xavi Rodríguez
  • Ping-Pong couples: 
  • Cake: Inés Temiño
  • Salty dish: Adara Babuji and Sumithra Srinivasan (special mention for Juri Banchewski)
  • Foot orienteering race: Saúl Estandía and Mikko Kataja (1st place), Irene Anton, Ma Zheng and Martí Gich (2nd place), Francesco Silverstri and Camilla Dore (3rd place)
  • FOTICMAB (see news post)
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