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The ICMAB, at the European Researchers’ Night: Welcome to the Nanoworld workshops and Speakers’ Corner Talks

The European Researchers’ Night, since its firs edition in 2005, brings science, technology and researchers closer to the general public on the last Friday of September. The ICMAB participated in this year's edition with talks, workshops and a dramatised lecture at the event organized at CosmoCaixa Science Museum in Barcelona, and in the CSIC "Residència d'Investigadors". 

Sep 27, 2019

The Speakers' Corner, organized in the "Antartic Base" on the lower ground of CosmoCaixa, and with a large audience, counted with the talks of Josep Fontcuberta and Martí Gich. Josep Fontcuberta talked about the lack of raw materials to produce so many smartphone, PC and TV flat screens. One of the main materials used is a transparent metal! Martí Gich talked about his recent ERC Consolidator project, on new materials for 5G technology, based on oxides. 

marti gich recerca red

The "Welcome to the Nanoworld" event at the Hypatia Area, in which many research centers participated, counted with a workshop on "Sferifications and encapsulaton" by the NANOMOL group (Imma Ratera's Lab). The visitors could see the applications of nanotechnology on nanomedicine, especially the nanocapsules used for drug delivery, and the hydrogel applications for cancer immunotherapy. 

taller recerca red

A talk on "Nanotechnology Bacteria" by Anna Roig explained the use and abuse of plastics, and the possibility of replacing them with biodegradable materials, such as bacterial nanocellulose. 

anna roig recerca

Finall, and as explained in another post, the Madame Châtelet team did two representations of the dramatised reading "Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers" with a great success!

The Researcher's Night in CosmoCaixa started at 7 pm and went on until nearly midnight! The visitors could also visit the museum, the new Universe room, and other activities organized by other research centers and institutions. 

At the Residència d'Investigadors, Judit Tomsen participated with a talk on "Nanovehicles for the transport of pharma for the treatment of the Fabry disease".

A night to increase the curiiosity and the awareness for science and nanotechnology, and their impact in our society!

Thanks to all the ICMAB staff who collaborated!

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