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The 2022 E-MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit is happening in 19-22 September 2022. Submit your abstract now!

The event will be held in Warsaw University of Technology and consists of 17 parallel symposia and many activities. The deadline for the abstracts submissions is 6 June 2022!

01 June 2022
2022 E-MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit
2022 E-MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit

The 2022 E-MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit will consist of 17 parallel symposia, covering 4 main topics: Functional materials, Wide-band-gap semiconductors, Nanomaterials, and Materials for a sustainable transition. Each of these fields will be approached by invited speakers, oral and poster presentations and a plenary session to provide an international forum for discussing recent advances in the field of materials science. With the conference you will be able to attend an exhibition of products and services of interest to the conference participants.

One of the 17 symposia covers Materials, components and characterization of energy harvesters for self-powered electronics, and is co-organized by ICMAB Researcher Mariona Coll, from the Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures (SUMAN) Group. Energy harvesting can help solve current global energy challenges without depleting natural resources. This Symposium will explore how the implementation of piezoelectric, multiferroic, photovoltaic, thermoelectric and electromagnetic materials has prompted shifts in the design of electronic systems, specially approaching miniaturization, multi-functionality, high levels of integration, light weight and self-powered devices.

A list of the 17 symposia available: FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS Materials, components and characterization of energy harvesters for self-powered electronics. Non-linear and dynamic thermal transport: modeling, thermo-materials, devices and applications. Nuclear materials under extreme conditions. II Sustainable materials for chemical and electrochemical energy storage. Integration of advanced materials on silicon: from classical to neuromorphic and quantum applications. Phase transitions and properties of ferroics in the form of single crystals, ceramics and thin films. WIDE-BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS Ultra wide-band-gap semiconductors for energy and electronics (UWBG2E). New frontiers in wide-band-gap semiconductors and heterostructures for electronics, optoelectronics and sensing. Group-IV semiconductor materials for nanoelectronics and cryogenic electronics. Materials- nanoelectronics and nanophotonics. Doping at the nanoscale: new challenges and advanced applications. Defect-induced effects in nanomaterials. Quantum semiconductors symposium. Innovative and advanced epitaxy. Advances in nanoparticles: synthesis, characterisation, theoretical modelling, and applications. Modelling and characterization of novel functional materials for green energy, sensing, and catalysis applications. Circular materials and resource chemistry NANOMATERIALS MATERIALS FOR A SUSTAINABLE TRANSITION Breakthrough zero-emissions energy storage and conversion technologies for carbon-neutrality. Advanced catalytic materials for (photo)electrochem. energy conversion

Symposia at the 2022 E-MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Synthesis and fabrication of nanomaterials and nanostructures (including ALD/CVD, solution processing, sputtering, plasma)
  • Fundamental physics of energy conversion/harvesting systems based on mechanical energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, solar energy
  • Atomic scale (structure, chemical, electrical, optical) characterization
  • Multisource energy harvesting
  • Flexible, portable, wearable devices
  • Energy-efficient emerging memory technology
  • Power challenges in emerging devices
  • Applications in IoT, AI

There already are some confirmed invited speakers: Yang Bai, from the Oulu University, Finland; Mari Napari, from the Southampton University, UK; and Marina Freitag, from the Newcastle University, UK. The process for abstract selection is still open, but will be closing soon. You have until 6 June 2022 to submit your abstract! The selected papers will be published in a special issue of Applied Research (Wiley).

About the European Materials Research Society

E-MRS has more than 4,000 members from industry, government, academia and research laboratories, who meet regularly to debate recent technological developments of functional materials. The E-MRS differs from many single-discipline professional societies by encouraging scientists, engineers and research managers to exchange information on an interdisciplinary platform, and by recognizing professional and technical excellence by promoting awards for achievement from student to senior scientist level. As an adhering body of the International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS), the E-MRS enjoys and benefits from very close relationships with other Materials Research organizations elsewhere in Europe and around the world.

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