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VI Strategic Immersion of the Advanced Materials Cluster

On 7-8 March 2019, the VI Strategic Immersion of the Advanced Materials Cluster (Cluster MAV), in collaboration with ACCIÓ, took place in Sitges. Our Technology Transfer Officer, Alfonso del Rey, attented the event, which main aim was to know the main trends and world challenges in the advanced materials field. 

07 March 2019

The VI Strategic Immersionis is a space for debate and reflection among the members of the community of advanced materials that serves to generate synergies between the entire ecosystem.

In order to foster networking among the participating agents, a who's who session is organized, in a pleasant and participative way, where all the participating organizations will have 3 minutes to present their capabilities and one of the challenges they are working on.

Complementarily, there was a space to show their products and/or materials with a descriptive description of their capabilities.

The programme included sessions on "Trends on Advanced Materials", "Mobility and Energy", "New Materials", "Synthetic Materials", "Circular Economy" and "Additive Manufacturing". Participants from IREC, ICN2, BASF, Fundació Ellen MacArthur, Eurecat presented their challenges. 

Download the programme here 

Website of the VI Strategic Immersion (Cluster MAV)

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