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Santander, 23-27 JUL 2018: Summer School "De la nanociencia a la nanotecnología: luces y sombras del control de la materia a escala atómica"

Between 23 and 27 July 2018, the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) in Santander will host a new edition of the course "De la nanociencia a la nanotecnología: luces y sombras del control de la materia a escala atómica", coordinated by Pedro A. Serena and Agustina Asenjo from the Institue of Materials Science of Madrid (ICMM-CSIC) and in which Anna Roig, from ICMAB, participates as lecturer.  

The course is aimed at undergraduate students (third and fourth year) and master students, in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Materials Science, Nanoscience, and Engineering, etc. in order to guide their graduate training to studies in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

03 March 2018

Why nanoscience and nanotechnology?

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are multidisciplinary disciplines where ideas and methodologies from physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering converge. Nanoscience has opened new ways to learn about the nanoworld, while nanotechnology has become a transversal tool that provides novel solutions with impact in all areas of production and services: electronics, automotive, health, energy, construction, food, cosmetics, aeronautics, etc.

Training future experts in nanoscience and nanotechnology requires to approach the solution of the problems that arise at the nanoscale with a new, more open and integrating view. This course aims to be a window to the continuous advances on nanoscience and nanotechnology that are taking place in a large number of laboratories of public research centers, universities, and companies.

Course objectives

The objective of the course is to present to the students the methods of synthesis, fabrication and characterization that are used to understand the properties of the various entities (nano-objects) that constitute the so-called nanoworld, to control the processes and interactions that take place in it, in order to design new materials and integrate new devices of great impact in many sectors of application.

The course will also present the social, economic and ethical implications of nanotechnology, paying attention to the management of its risks and how to control them to achieve the responsible and sustainable development of nanotechnology.

The course involves renowned researchers on the national and international scene. 

More information and registration

Take a look at the program and speakers on the course website here.

Registration will open in May 2018. Fellowships will also be available, and granted according to CV and merits. 



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