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Poster Prize for the "Madame Châtelet" project at the Biennial RSEF 2019

The poster "The theatre as a tool to spotlight the relevance of women in the history of science", which explains the project "Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers" has received the Poster Prize at the Biennial of Physics (XXXVII Reunión Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Física). Carmen Ocal, one of the founders of the project, presented the poster at the "Women and Physics" symposium, on 16 July 2019. Many ICMAB researchers were present at the #BienalRSEF presenting posters and oral communications. This is a great meeting for physicists in Spain!
16 July 2019

chatelet poster prize 2019

Carmen Ocal presenting the poster at the biennial RSEF. 

The project "Madame Châtelet" started in 2017 when a group of women from ICMAB decided to take action and create an outreach activity for young students to visibilize women in science. The project has gone bigger and bigger, and now counts with the financial contribution of the FGCSIC to create a website and promotional video. The team continues to do representations in schools, libraries, museums, etc. Next representation will be on 27 September 2019 in CosmoCaixa, for the Researchers' Night. 

The biennial presented the best of research, technology transfer, dissemination and teaching of physics. A total of 21 symposiums were organized in this conference

suman bienal 1

Researchers of the SUMAN group at the biennial RSEF. 

Three of the symposia were organized with the participation of ICMAB researchers: 

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