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Open Research Europe, new publication platform for H2020 project results

The European Commission presents its new open access publishing platform Open Research Europe, which will be operational early 2021. It is a new model of publication aimed at the results of projects with H2020 funding, and later Horizon Europe, which allows to comply with the European mandate of open access. 
Anna May
30 November 2020
Publication on the Open Research Europe platform is immediate, free and voluntary and covers all disciplines, through a transparent peer review process, with the name of the reviewers and the open and quotable reviews. The platform is for research results stemming from Horizon 2020 funding. The platform will make it easy for Horizon 2020 beneficiaries to comply with the open access terms of their funding and offers researchers a publishing venue to share their results and insights rapidly and facilitate open, constructive research discussion.
Although it seems quite a good idea, it has already brought some debate, as discussed in the article "New EU open peer review system stirs debate" (Science Business). Researchers are concerned about being only for EU H2020 grantees, or that "It pays a junior researcher to be “as positive as possible” when reviewing big name papers" since the reviewing process is transparent and not anonymous, or that it won't have an impact factor, for example.
What do you think? Will the Open Research Europe succeed? Is this the future of Open Access?

About Open Research Europe

Open Research Europe publishes articles across the Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities stemming from Horizon 2020 funding. Each publication must have at least one author who has been, or still is, a recipient of a Horizon 2020 grant.

Articles must be original (not duplications). All research is welcome and will be published irrespective of the perceived level of interest or novelty; confirmatory and negative results, as well as null studies are all suitable. Access the full list of article types we accept for more information.

All articles are published using a fully transparent, author-driven model; the authors are solely responsible for the content of their article. Invited peer review takes place openly after publication, and the authors play a crucial role in ensuring that the article is peer reviewed by independent experts in a timely manner. Articles that pass peer review will be indexed in a number of bibliographic databases and repositories, following formal approval by these services.

Open Research Europe is an Open Research platform: all articles are published open access under a CC-BY license; the publishing and peer-review processes are fully transparent; and where applicable, authors are asked to include detailed descriptions of methods and to provide full and easy access to the source data underlying the results in order to improve reproducibility.

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