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On the path for nuclear fusion: insights from Xavier Obradors and Teresa Puig in ARA

In their recent ARA newspaper article titled "Fusió nuclear: utopia o realitat?" (Nuclear Fusion: Utopia or Reality?), researchers Xavier Obrador and Teresa Puig provide a comprehensive overview of the international pursuit of a functional nuclear fusion reactor.

21 August 2023

The article, published on 4th August 2023, delves into the basics of nuclear fusion, offering an accessible breakdown of its fundamental principles and its potential as a clean and efficient energy source. While the benefits of nuclear fusion are evident, the authors pragmatically highlight the significant challenges that must be surmounted before fusion becomes a practical energy solution. This includes the ongoing quest for suitable materials that can withstand the extreme conditions required for fusion reactions.

Obradors and Puig introduce the concept of a tokamak, a vital component in the fusion process, explaining its functioning and its reliance on advanced superconductors, particularly high-temperature ones, to create and control the necessary magnetic fields. The authors draw attention to global efforts in compact fusion research, with a particular emphasis on the groundbreaking initiatives led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT's work stands out as a promising avenue, with projections suggesting substantial advancements within the coming 10 to 20 years.

For those interested in reading the full article, it is available in PDF format and on ARA's website.


Fusió nuclear: utopia o realitat? (Diari ARA, 4 August 2023)
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