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4th Scientific Meeting of BNC-b PhD Students at ICMAB and ICN2 (JPhD2019)

On 6-7 June 2019, the PhD meeting of the PhD fellows of the Barcelona Nanocluster in Bellaterra (JPhD2019) was held at the ICMAB-CSIC and at the ICN2 facilities. The meeting was organized by PhD fellows from the ICMAB-CSIC, ICN2, ALBA Synchrotron, UAB and IMB-CNM-CSIC, working in a nanoscience and nanotechnology related topic. 

Jun 6, 2019

"A meeting made by PhD for PhD"

The 4th Scientific Meeting of BNC-b Students (JPhD2019) is aimed to present the work done by Master students and PhD fellows of the Barcelona Nanotechnology Cluster – Bellaterra (ICMAB, ICN2, IMB-CNM, UAB, ALBA), encouraging collaborations among all of them in an academic and scientific environment. The aim of the encounter is to explore career paths, promote networking among young researchers and offer them the possibility to present their work in an academic, scientific and friendly environment. The event is also open to undergraduates and the scientific community at large interested in nanoscience. 

The meeting started on Thursday, 6 June, with a welcome talk given by the director of the ICMAB, ProfXavier Obradors, who presented briefly the institution and complimented the students for their motivation to organise this event. This was followed with another brief talk by ProfPablo Ordejón, the director of the ICN2, who focused on the characteristics of their PhD programme to show the opportunities that the ICN2 can offer to new students.

Afterwards, three invited speakers served as example of the multiple career paths a student can pursue after the PhD: Industry, with Marc Castellarnau (Fuelium), Academia, with Joffre Gutiérrez (ICMAB-CSIC), and Science Communication, with Anna May Masnou (ICMAB-CSIC). The day continued with the talks by the PhD fellows, which are organized according to their topic: Energy and Environment, Bioapplications, Nanodevices and Nanofabrication, Synthesis and Characterization, Nanomaterials and Theory and Simulation. The meeting also included two poster sessions (one each day), more invited talks (Salvador Ferrer (ALBA Synchrotron), Sergio Valenzuela (ICREA-ICN2), Rosendo Pou (ICMol) a roundtable organized by the SCN2 and with the presence of Scientists Dating Forum, Pint of Science, Doctorands en Lluita, and SCN2. 

Many ICMABers participated in this event sharing their experiences and their research in talks and posters, or simply by attending the meeting. 

The awards for the ICMAB PhD fellows!

The best flash talks and poster presentations were given awards, chosen by the participants, who could vote online once the meeting was over. The fist prize was awarded with a Tablet, and the second prize with an E-book reader. The flash talks awards were for Pedro Barusco (ICMAB-CSIC) and Pamela Machado (ICMAB-CSIC); and the two poster prizes were for Mayte Gómez (ICMAB-CSIC) and Irene Anton (ICMAB-CSIC). Congratulations!

Thanks to all the organizers for their dedication and for the great success achieved! We would like to mention here the members of the ICMAB who participated in the organization committee: Juri Banchewski, Martí Gibert Roca, Jan Grzelak, Cristiano Matricardi, Soledad Roig, Artur Romanov and Guillem Vargas. See here the rest of the organizers. Good job!

You can download the programme and the book of abstracts on the JPhD2019 meeting website: https://congresses.icmab.es/jphd2019/

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