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Girona, 20 SEPT 2018: "New challenges in chemistry: nanovesicles and biologic control of pests"

On Thursday, 20 September, Dra. Nora Ventosa, researcher at the NANOMOL group at ICMAB, and member of the Catalan Society of Chemistry (SCQ) will participate in the event organized by the SCQ and the University of Girona (UdG) at the Science Building of the UdG: "New challenges in chemistry: nanovesicles and biologic control of pests" (Jornada sobre nous reptes en química: nanovesícules i control biològic de plagues). 

07 September 2018

UdG imatge

The aim of the event, formed by two specific seminars, is to present some of the novel aspects of chemistry, both from the academic and industrial point of view. The day will begin with a talk by Dra. Carme Quero, researcher at the IQAC-CSIC, who will explain how the synthesis of analogous products to sexual pheromones can help control pests affecting agricultural crops.

Next, Dra. Nora Ventosa, from ICMAB, will focus on one of the fields of great importance nowadays: the synthesis of nanovesicles for drug delivery in humans in a rational and efficient way.

The activity is addressed to the students of science studies at the UdG but is open to the general public. 

With the collaboration and coordination of

  • Dra. Anna Roglans, UdG professor
  • Dra. Enriqueta Anticó, UdG professor
  • Dra. Sílvia Simon, UdG professor
  • Dra. Montse Heras, SCQ vocal
  • Dr. Jesús Colprim, dean of the Facultat de Ciències UdG


9.45 am: Opening
10.00 am: Seminar by Dra. Carme Quero (IQAC): «Desenvolupament de noves estratègies per al control de plagues»
11.00 am: Coffee break
11.30 am: Seminar by Dra. Nora Ventosa (ICMAB): «Nanovesícules per al subministrament de biomolècules: oportunitats i reptes»

Organizes and sponsorizes

Societat Catalana de Química and Facultat de Ciències de la UdG

More information: download the programme here

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