Characterization of crystalline forms of gaxilose, a diagnostic drug
17 March 2021
Lactose intolerance is a pathology caused by lactase enzyme deficiency, usually produced in the intestinal cells provoking symptoms as abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, gas and nausea. Gaxilose, 4-O-β-D galactopyranosyl-d-xylose, is used as a diagnostic drug for a non-invasive method for hypolactasia diagnosis.
To date, no definitive guide for identifying gaxilose and distinguishing between crystalline forms is available. Data have been collected from a number of different analytical techniques in order to provide a full characterization of the compound and a simple method to discriminate between two solid forms.
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Bioactive materials for therapy and diagnosis

Characterization of crystalline forms of gaxilose, a diagnostic drug

Federica Cattia, Santos Hernández Gallego, Mónica Benito, Elies Molins, Francisco Marquillas Olóndriz

Carbohydrate Research
Volume 499, 2021, 108232, ISSN 0008-6215,

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