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Anna Laromaine and the Matheroes on TV ¡Qué animal! (La2 RTVE)

On Saturday, 5 October 2019, we could see in the programme ¡Qué animal! from La2 RTVE, the researcher Anna Laromaine, from the Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites group, talking about the "supermaterial" bacterial cellulose. The programme was about animals with superpowers, so our Matheroes: the supermaterials of the future, were also featured in it! Thank you to all the ¡Qué animal! team!

05 October 2019

The ICMAB and Anna Laromaine (NN group) appear from minute 13.33 to minute 18:05.

You can find the video following this link:


We would like to thank Evelyn Segura, Pere Figuerola, and all the production and filming theam of the programme, for making all so easy. And thank you to Anna Laromaine and the NN group for letting us film inside the laboratory. Also to the rest of the ICMAB staff for their cooperation.

Enjoy the video! 


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