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30 SEPT: BCNspiracy

The first edition of BCNspiracy, a science outreach event full of talks and workshops, will take place on September 30th at Cosmocaixa (Barcelona). It is organized by Hablando de Ciencia, a science outreach association that seeks to bring science closer to society and encourage critical thinking.

04 August 2017

In view of the success of different science outreach events that take place in other cities such as Bilbao (Naukas-Bilbao), Granada (Desgranando Ciencia), Sevilla (Jot Down Sevilla), with their proximity to the public, their scientific rigor, and their humor, BNCspiracy is born to bring this type of event in the city of Barcelona, which already has great scientific and cultural offers, such as Festival Barcelona Ciència, Festival Ciència·Tecnologia·Innovació, Campus Gutenberg, among others. 

The objective of BCNspiracy is to bring science to society, by taking it from the Universities and Research Centers and bringing it to the street, with a friendly and familiar language. The event will consist of different talks on different subjects, which will constitute the nucleous of the event, and of two satellite events: one workshop for children and one informal event to bring people closer together. 

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Specifically, the event in Barcelona will include: 

  • BCNspiracy Talks: a full morning, with free access, of short talks (10 min) about different topics related to scientific research. Meet some of the speakers here!
  • KIDSspiracy, an opportunity to bring science in an interactive way to kids an adults, through workshops and shows.
  • BEERspiracy: inspired in the amazing Pint of Science, the best possible way to end the day. BEERspiracy will offer the opportunity to encourage the contact between the audience and the speakers and it will be a great moment for networking!   


The organizing team, coordinated by Hablando de Ciencia, is formed by a multidisciplinary and young motivated group, devoted to science and outreach. Dolores Bueno, PhD researcher in the NANOMOL group at ICMAB is part of the coordination and communication team of BCNspiracy. 

Hablando de Ciencia organizes other science outreach events, such as Desgranando Ciencia in Granada (this year on December 15-16, 2017), which gathers many people interested in science outreach and communication. 

About the mission, objectives, values and vision of BCNspiracy

As scientists or people related to science, committed with our society, BCNspriacy wants to convey the need, the usefulness and the development of science, as a valid tool to generate knowledge, to encourage critical thinking against fraudes and pseudotherapies, which inundate us every day, and as a service to the society from which it receives financing, and to which, in the end, the research results should revert.

Citing the well-known scientist and communicator Carl Sagan,

"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows knows anything about science and technology. This is a clear prescription for disaster."

BCNspiracy was born with the objective of bringing science to the general public who is not familiar with its importance, nor in how it affects us in our day to day life. In that sense, we would like to count with a simple, affordable and interesting way, how is the science that is research centers, and at the same time, as well as making science more friendly through workshops and shows aimed to the young ones, but suitable for all.

More information: press release here



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