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Symposium Hybrid nanomaterials for functional applications (June 1st, 2016) framed within the Nanotech France 2016 /European Graphene Forum 2016 Joint events.

Jan 25, 2016

Nanotech France 2016 brings together leading scientists, researchers, engineers, practitioners, technology developers and policy makers in nanotechnology to exchange information on their latest research progress and innovation.

In our one-day symposium we will let participants to present a broad range of current research in Hybrid nanomaterials from all over the world. The main topics of the symposium are:

·    Hybrid sensors and imaging technologies
·    Nano Electronics and Photonics
·    Nanohybrids for Energy generation, conversion and storage
·    Biomedicine and soft matter
·    Nanostructured materials and devices
·    Hybrid materials fabrication and characterization tools

The call for abstracts will include the possibility to apply for invited talks and the committee will select three invited talks and the oral contributions. 

More information concerning the Conference (Accommodation, Committees, schedule, social events, etc.) is currently available at: http://www.setcor.org/conferences/ Nanotech-France-2016. 

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