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Electric vehicles and other propulsion technologies

University: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)


  • Analyse the electric and hybrid (combined electric and traditional internal combustion engines) propulsion systems and technologies.
  • Study the types and configurations of hybrids according to vehicle type.
  • Improve energy storage systems and their internal power management.
  • Learn the technical principles of the electric motors currently in use along with their charging systems and their energy storage systems.
  • Development of the way the energy distribution network is managed and designed to ensure proper recharging of these vehicles in urban areas.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals working in the automotive industry either directly for the automaker or auxiliary companies.
  • Industrial Engineers.
  • Employees at testing laboratories.
  • Professionals from public organisations linked to the technology sector.

ICMAB researchers involved

  • M. Rosa Palacín: Fundamentos y técnicas básicas de baterías and Diseño y aplicación de baterías en vehículo eléctrico (Coordinator: David Gallegos)

More information

For more information about this Postgraduate Course on Electric Vehicles and Other Propulsion Technologies, please visit its website

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