Azevedo Neves


Contact data:

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Department: Superconducting Materials and Nanostructure at Large Scale


Nowadays I am in sabbatical year at ICMAB, but I am a professor of Physics at 'Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro' (UFFRJ), Brazil.

At UFRRJ I lead the Research Group on Energy and Complex Systems and the LMDS - Laboratory of Materials and Devices with Superconductors.



Research interest

1. "Energy and Complex Systems", currently with an emphasis on Superconducting Materials and Devices (in collaboration with researchers from IF-UERJ, EEL-USP, IFMG-Gov. Valadares, DEE-UFRJ, CEMIG - Brazil; and ICMAB - Spain), "Characterization of Biological Materials for use as Food" (in collaboration with researchers from EMBRAPA-Brazil) and "Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources / Photovoltaic Energy" (in collaboration with researchers from INMETRO-Brazil);

2. Scientific Instrumentation and Metrology (in collaboration with researchers from INMETRO-Brazil);

3. Instrumentation for Physics Teaching.


University Degrees:

I have a PhD in Physics and a MSc. in Physics (Physics Institute at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), as well I am Graduated in Physics ("Armando Dias Tavares" Institute of Physics at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro).


My PhD is related to a research in far from equilibrium melt processing of superconducting materials.


Experimental research on materials using thermal analysis (DSC, DTA, TGA, TMA), X ray diffraction, SEM, magnetization measurements, critical current measurements, and metrology & scientific instrumentation. 

Most significative academic merits:

Research Coordinator, researcher and main designer of the first Brazilian 3-phase HTS fault current limiter and also of the final version of the first Brazilian 3-phase HTS power cable.


2nd place among research works presented in "XVIII ERIAC - EIGHTEENTH IBERO-AMERICAN REGIONAL MEETING OF THE CIGRE", Committee D1 - Materials and Emerging Technologies.

Scientific Highlights:

One of the authors and acted as researcher and Research Coordinator of R&D Projects:

1) LiMS Project - Current Limiter with Superconducting Material (in UFRRJ Cooperation Term with Barbosa Lima Sobrinho Thermoelectric Powerplant/ Petrobras).

2) SUPERCABO Project - Development of High Temperature Superconducting Cable Technology for Electric Power Systems (for four years, under a Cooperation Agreement between UFRRJ and power utilities CEMIG, TAESA, TBE and CTEEP, according to the Public Notice of National Strategic Project 006/2008 -2010 of ANEEL).

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